Bhavana means "to cultivate." And we aim to cultivate collective wellness. From the inside, out.


Our Mission

Bhavana-Collective understands that large institutions struggle to meet individual needs, particularly in holistic health and resiliency. We employ powerful tools - yoga and mindfulness practices, proven cognitive and neuroplasticity research, trauma informed care, and an innovative organizational approach - to offer curriculums, workshops, trainings, retreats, and meaningful media for small and big people alike.

“By taking the time to come to your mat, you are making the world a better place. Because you are indeed part of it.”

— tonia crosby, FOUNDER


Our Programs

Bhavana-Collective programs are diverse, intentional and evolving. We deliver and create curriculums, trainings, workshops and get-aways for a range of populations and circumstances.  Our flagship program, bhavanaKIDS, has delivered more than 700 classes, certified as many as 60 Educators, and is planting seeds in the lives of countless young people across Colorado's front range.

And our program offerings are growing - adaptive yoga, juvenile services, summer camps, and professional development trainings for educators and health care workers, are among a few.

Our programs are about the people.

We are a Board of Directors with varied specialties, and an inclusive staff of educators, conventional healthcare professionals, alternative practitioners, and social scientists. We share strong values while working with a range of philosophies and offerings to cultivate larger collective wellness. Beginning with each person we serve - from the inside, out.


Our Story

Tonia Crosby was diagnosed with breast cancer in her early 30s and so began a long healing journey that continues today. From that journey she began addressing gaps in her healing experience - a lack of tools for managing stress and overwhelm, missing information about the sensitivity of underlying traumas, ineffective access to integrated and individualized care, and the absence of loving community committed to social change.

Over nearly a decade of research, experience and creation, Tonia has become the leader of an umbrella organization aimed at supporting young people and adults alike, as they navigate a complicated world - where trauma, adversity and illness, are unavoidable. And joy, healing and success, are possible.

Joined organically by a crew of brilliant specialists and inspired professionals, all with their own healing stories and drive to make meaningful change, Bhavana-Collective began as a breast cancer diagnosis and continues as a grounded organization for cultivating collective wellness. Beginning with the self.

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of the world's workers are "struggling" or "suffering" in their physical wellbeing 

1 in 5 young people

experience a mental health condition.

$671 billion dollars

is the average yearly cost of trauma (healthcare and loss of productivity) in the US alone.

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Help us cultivate.

There are a number of ways to support and be supported by Bhavana-Collective. And we are always looking for authentic, ethical and reciprocal partnerships.


Your family or business can sponsor a bhavanaKIDS school program, educator or health care training, or even sponsor a student to attend bKIDS summer camps.


You can make tax deductible donations at any level and decide which of our programs you would like to support. You can even hold a fundraiser, silent auction, or offer an in-kind donation to benefit our work!

work with us

If you would like to work with us, we have positions opening on a rolling basis and are always looking for good people to join our teams - whether internships, volunteer opportunities, educator trainings or a seat on our Board of Directors. If you feel like you have something valuable to offer that we haven't thought of, please get in touch!

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